Tales of the Crystals – Characters

Discovered a cool website today: http://www.seventhsanctum.com.  It has a ton of different kinds of generators that will randomly generate pretty much everything you could imagine–people names, location names, settings, even currencies… Awesome resource if you have trouble coming up with things, like I do.

Tales of the Crystals is an imagination-driven game for young girls.

Write about the day four ordinary girls became Keepers of the Crystals.

COLORS: Green, blue/purple, red, white
DUTIES: Healer, Scribe, Protector, Leader
POWERS: Healing, invisibility, true sight, shimmering ice
NAMES: Mora, Lea, Rosalind, Katherine
CHARACTERISTICS: Peaceful, meticulous, passionate, strong/decisive
SETTING: Land of Collingwood
OTHER CHARACTERS: Orianna, Queen Llanoor, Old Man Oak, Pip, Elanil, Lady Morphia, Banach the Elder

Yep.  That’s seriously how far I got.  I started this at 3 or 4:00 this afternoon.  It took me that long (with a three-hour break in between) to come up with just the names!!!  The rest was provided by the game, except the characteristics, which are just my impression of the characteristics of each of the roles in the game.

I did figure out how to start the story (and the prompt itself!  the game never goes into how the girls became Keepers of the Crystals).  It’ll start with danger in Collingwood–Orianna and Old Man Oak are having a meeting to decide who to call to help them.

That’s what I’ve got tonight.


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