This is the entry for 2/21 and 2/22.  (I worked on it both days.)

Describe a picture.

The moon was so bright that night, Isabel could walk without watching her steps.  The sky behind the brilliant moon looked indigo.  Isabel padded along the colonnade to her favorite place, right in front of the fountain. Gathering  her skirts, she sat at the foot of the column in between the wild roses and the callas.  She loved to sit and watch the water catch and throw the light of the heavens.  Normally it scintillated.  Tonight it dazzled.

Magnus had declared his love for her today.  In her hands, Isabel held the symbol he had given of his love: a posy of asters in red and lavender, accented by two delicate stars of Bethlehem.  The red asters spoke of his deep affection for her, the lavender of her feminine beauty that had captured him.  The white stars of Bethlehem spoke of the purity of his love and his hope for her returned love, that the two of them might share a life together.

Lily, her unicorn, paused to drink from the pool underneath the falling waters.


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