This is the entry for 2/20.

Female human: “It’s a pity the male duck gets to be so pretty and the female has to be so ugly.”
Male human: “They probably look at us and think, ‘It’s too bad the females are so pretty and the males are so ugly.'”


“Oh, look,” said she-duck to he-duck. “Humans.”
“Hm?” grunted he-duck to she-duck.  “Oh. Any bread?”
“No,” said she-duck.
“Mm,” said he-duck uninterestedly and began to float away toward the other ducks. She-duck watched the humans.
“Hey. Missus. You coming?” asked he-duck.  The other ducks were creating a ruckus.  That meant two things: food, or a fight over a female.  Both interesting.
She-duck said thoughtfully, “Humans are so odd-looking.  They only go up.  They have no breadth.  They turn to the side and there’s practically nothing of them.  How do they ever stay afloat?”
He-duck was watching the other ducks.  “Hey. There’s food over here,” he said to she-duck.  She-duck turned to see white pieces flying into the water.  “Now there’s some useful humans,” said he-duck.
They paddled toward the convention.  Two small humans and three big humans were throwing bread crumbs to the ducks and ducks were clambering for them.  He-duck caught a piece in his beak and choked it down.
“Is it moldy?” she-duck asked.
“Who cares?” said he-duck around a chunk of bread.  “It’s food.”
She-duck looked at the humans.  Best she could discern, the big ones were female.  She never could tell about the little ones.  Maybe humans didn’t become hes and shes until they were taller.
A flying piece hit the side of her beak and landed in the water.  She snapped it up and gobbled it down.  She preferred the crunchy water insects to this foamy, soft meal, but she wasn’t one to complain if food was presented to her.  And with bread, the sooner you snapped it out of the water, the less mushy it was.  Mushy bread always made her beak stick together.
Suddenly a furry white beast was crashing through the water. Chaos ensued.  Every single duck went flying, running and squawking into river.  She-duck and he-duck fled in noisy terror with the rest of the brace.
“Why do humans always bring those beastly things?!” spluttered she-duck when they had reached the middle of the river.

(More later?)


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