Pixie Hollow Short Story: Sarah Tulipflower and Stormy Seastone

Inspired by my little friend on Pixie Hollow. 🙂

It’d been a month or more since Stormy Seastone had visited Pixie Hollow.  Perhaps it was the voice of her fairy friend calling out to her, piercing through the barriers between the fairy world and the human world to reach her ear, that made her visit today.  Whatever the reason, once Stormy entered, she received an immediate message from her fairy friend Sarah Tulipflower.  “Help, I’m stuck!” cried Sarah.  After an alarmed and confused second, Stormy began flying from field to field, searching for her friend.  “Where are you?” she asked her friend Sarah, by the magical method called Whispering, which enables fairies to talk to one another, no matter what their locations.

“Help, I’m stuck!” Sarah cried out again, panic ruling her mind.

“Where are you, little Sarah??” Stormy asked again, more urgently this time.

“I’m in–I’m in Sunflower Gully, by the stream,” came Sarah’s tearful voice.  “Get some help!”

“What do you need?” Stormy asked worriedly as she traveled, trying to make sense of the situation.  Had she fallen into a pit?  Was she trapped in the water?

“Get help NOW!” Sarah yelled, scaring Stormy to death and halting her in her flight.  She needs a doctor, she thought. Where in the world do I find a doctor here?! Every fairy had some kind of healing power, specific to their area of expertise, but fairies that were strictly healing-talents were difficult to find on short notice.  This sounded like an emergency, so Stormy helplessly cried out to the fairies around her, “Is anyone a doctor?!  My friend needs help!”

To Stormy’s delight, one light-talent fairy responded.  Vicki Moonshine flew over to where Stormy was.  Mystified at the absence of an injured friend nearby, Vicki asked, “Where’s your friend?  What’s wrong with her?”

“She’s in Sunflower Gully.  I don’t know what’s wrong, she just said she’s stuck.  I think she’s badly hurt.  Will you help?”

“I’ll do what I can; let’s go!”


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