Memories of Hawaii

The oddest things make me think back to Hawaii.

I think I only briefly mentioned Hawaii in this diary. WOW… I can’t believe that! But anyway… Seriously, it’s got to be because I was born there or something and somewhere deep inside me my heart longs to stay there.

Okay, maybe the explanation is not that romantic. Maybe it’s just because it’s a gorgeous island and anyone would be crazy not to want to go back. 😀

But at any rate! As I was saying, the oddest things jerk my memory back to that trip, and along with the reminiscing comes this incredible longing to go back. Just now I was looking up French words for my French project, and I came across the phrase with moyens in it. Oh, hey, I thought,that means “means.” Like “means of transport.” At “means of transport” my mind leaped to the buses in Hawaii that we traveled on the entire time, and again I smelled that intoxicating tropical scent of Hawaii and really wanted to go back!

It’s always the smell that brings on the feeling of “TAKE ME BACK!” I have no idea why. But, man alive, is it weird to get, out of the nowhere, that strong memory!

I decided I might just have to honeymoon in Hawaii. Except that’s what everyone does nowadays… :/ I’d rather go somewhere original for once.

But that’s beside the point. The point is, why does the smell of Hawaii keep coming back to me so strongly?

And I’m telling you, that smell is seriously intoxicating. 😀

Love ya!



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