{trying to maintain self-control} Oh, that… was not… cool. Oh my gosh. Okay. I’m really trying not to get really angry.

Nate doesn’t have the Internet at home, plus he’s been REALLY busy this year, so he hasn’t e-mailed me in forever. It makes me so happy when he does. 🙂

Well, today I had to send some skits I wrote to my group leader for Speech. I just wrote them in a Word document and clicked on “Send to mail recipient as attachment.” GroupWise opened up and a box for new mail appeared with the attachment already on it. I wrote Diana a short note to say how boring my skits were and that everyone could certainly ad-lib or edit or whatever they needed to do to make them more interesting, and then I sent it, so it disappeared– revealing my In box underneath.

Can you imagine how my heart soared when I saw I had a new e-mail from Nate, a reply to an e-mail I’d written him forever ago!

I was afraid to open it at first–I was like, “This is too good to be true!!” LOL. Eventually, of course, I got up the courage and opened it.

The first line I saw was, “Hey. This is Cassie. Hehe… As you probably know, Nate’s computer is dead, so I’m his e-mail checker now.”

Cassie. As in the girl he had a small crush on… Reading my personal e-mails that I sent Nate.

Obviously, I am never going to write to him at that address again.

I deleted her e-mail, too.

Why is he letting her check his e-mail for him? Especially, why is he letting her read MY e-mails?!

There is one thing I can be really glad about… That I didn’t send that e-mail I posted in here a while back, but deleted soon afterward.

Oh, I would have so died if she had seen that… She probably would have killed me personally, herself! She liked him. Don’t know if she still does–probably.

{plaintive} Oh, diary, what on earth am I going to do? He could start moving towards her and leave me behind…

{frantic} I’ve got to quit hanging on so tightly, or the minute he really does move towards someone else, everything will blow up!

{frustrated} Boys are so irritating! All they do is make life more complicated!!!

I’m beginning to think that what I wrote on the chalkboard in choir room still applies… Pourquoi est-ce que les garcons aiment me tourmenter??



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